Monday, May 12, 2014

I Hope You Smile!

By: Joanne Roy

One thing is certain, we live in a scary, dangerous world! We read the
newspapers and turn on the news and we hear about tornado's, earthquakes,
stock market and the economy teetering on the verge of collapse! So, when
we as Mom's who look after our children see this, it can be hard at times
to cope.

But... we are not just Mother's, we are daughter's of the King (insert
Hallelujah here). When we read God's Word in Proverbs 31: 25b it says,
 "... She smiles at the future."  You may read that and say, "How?",  "In
this world that I live in, how can I possibly smile at the future?"

I will tell you how. Because God is already there. God who is our
Father, is there in the future. He holds our tomorrows in His Almighty
hand. Whatever lies ahead, the trials and disappointments, God will be
right there with you, helping you bear your burdens each step down this
journey called life.  We are not promised an easy road.   But remember He
cares for you and loves you. Never forget that dear child... dearest
daughter of the King!

Another reason we can smile is because Romans 8:28 is true. This
beloved verse says, "And we know that all things work together for good to
those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."  We
need to keep our minds focused on God, and focused on the precepts of
Scripture. Do you love God? Then this promise is for you.  All things are
not necessarily good. But all things will work for good. Maybe not right
now, and maybe not even in the near future, but they will. God's good is
that He is molding us into the image of His Son. He will use even the hard,
difficult things to do this.

Another reason we smile at the future is we know that in our future is
heaven! This is not our home. Once we have traveled all the way down this
road, and the Lord calls our name. We will go to heaven to be with Him and
all our loved ones who have gone on before us.  We will spend eternity with
God. Smile at that sweet sister in Christ!

In the earlier part of the same verse, (Proverbs 31: 25a) it says,
"Strength and dignity are her clothing," There is a sweet, older lady on
facebook that I have come to love. She often says, "Now don't forget to go
out today without your smile!" No matter what you wear, beautiful ladies,
you always look your prettiest with a smile on your face!

There was a country song that was popular a few years ago. The name of
it was, "I Hope You Dance".  Well not everyone can dance. So today my wish
for all you sweet, precious Mothers is...

The future is calling... I hope you smile!